Greenstage –  Solar Panels & Monitors for your energy consumption and generation

Greenstage Power provides web-based monitoring and control solutions that allow remote startup and shutdown of distributed solar generation as well as Zero-export systems which are used to protect the grid from potentially disruptive solar inverter peaks. Data from these devices deliver monitoring information over their built-in WiFi interface to consumer.

Picogrid  – Zero Export solution for grid tied Solar PV

PicoGrid products allows Solar PV to displace Grid supplied power and nothing more. It does this by ensuring that building loads consume every kW of power generated. Hence the name Zero Export. PicoGrid ZX is guaranteed to never export to the Grid, all the local Solar PV generated electricity is consumed on site. Furthermore, this is achieved without the need for expensive high maintenance batteries.

Glen Dimplex New Zealand – Heating, Home Appliances & Ventilation

Glen Dimplex New Zealand is part of the Glen Dimplex Group which was founded in 1973 and considered the world’s largest electrical heating business holding significant market positions in the domestic appliance industry worldwide. With a manufacturing base in Auckland, New Zealand Glen Dimplex is the largest wood fire manufacturer in Australasia producing wood fires for the domestic and export markets. They also offer a wide range of  domestic  heating solutions like Storage Heaters and portable heating solutions.

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