About us

The power environment for New Zealand will experience rapid change over the next several years. Transpower anticipate the power demand will double over the next 30 years. It is anticipated the increase in demand will not be met from fossil fuel, but from Solar, Wind, and Storage.

Although the Co-op is based in Otaki and the initial focus is the Kapiti Coast, there is no restriction on the areas in which the company can operate.

Trading under the name of Coastal Energy, the company has the tools and equipment that will assist consumers to achieve energy efficiency in homes and businesses.

As a Co-operative Company, owned by its members, it allows for a fair and economic co-operation for all, a sharing of the benefits such as better prices for electricity, increased installations of solar panels and other clean energy opportunities as they emerge, to generate power for their own use.

Rebates, discounts and dividends are member benefits available from trading with the products and services we can offer. Surplus Profits will be returned to the community.

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